Thursday, May 28, 2009

Denver Trip Pictures

Here are a ton of Pictures from our fun time in Denver, but for some reason I couldn't add little comments under each one, so I'll try my best to tell you what they all are in a row -
1st - our first afternoon together with some long lost friends!!! Jeromy and Becky went with us to undergrad, then to medical school with us, then we parted our separate ways for residency and after three years, we just couldn't stop hugging or maybe that was me..haha!
2nd - My sweet Uncle Bill and Aunt Shirley! We got to spend a day with them while we were there and it was so great! My Uncle is super talented in wood work and he gave us a few of the things that he made (a birdhouse and a beautiful bowl with lid on it.) What a treasure! Thanks a ton and thanks for taking us to a yummy and very fun lunch! We love you!
3rd,4th,5th,6th - The wrestling match in the hotel with Aunt Bonnie! First it started with Nathan, then came Heidi, and Ashley was not about to be left out of the fun! Aunt Bonnie - thanks for being such a good sport! We had such a great time with all the Hughes!!! We love,love,love you!
7th - We went to a yummy pizza restaurant with the Hughes Family and this is a picture of Nathan dipping his pizza into,!!! sick!!! Ad he actually ate it that way, until we stopped him, that is...
8th and 9th - We watched the movie Twilight for the first time with our friends, the Coles while we were there and Kevin kept making fun of "Edward" (I think he might of been a little bit jealous, haha,jk), he kept making this face and saying that it was his Edward face. So while we were at the Zoo with the Coles we came across a picture of a Spider Monkey (hence the movie) and the guys both mde their best Edward faces!! haha Not even close in my opinion.
10th and 11th - We went bowling with both families and had a great time!!!! Here are 2 cute pictures of Nathan with his buddy, James and Heidi with her sweet friend, Julia!
12th - Being with friends is fun!
13th - They had a little Deli there, called Heidi's deli, so of course we had to snap a picture with our favorite HEIDI!
14th and 15th - Brooke at the Zoo with the Komodo/Komono??? Dragon and kids at the zoo
16th and on - We went to Redrock Ampitheatre while we were there. It was a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful! So the rest of the pictures are of that! We had a great time and there are more posts to come!


Alaska said...

I'm so jealous. you guys look so awesome. How fun to all be together. Your family looks great. How's life? Everyone looks so big! What's your story? Email me and update me?

Becky said...

I'm such a blog slacker! I can't believe you got pictures up before I did! We love you guys and had SOOOO much fun with you! Kevin ruined Twilight for me forever. Just kidding! We all look like redheads in that group shot at Red Rocks! Hey, what about the pictures you took at the temple? And the one of Jeromy and Kevin shirtless by that statue?

Emily said...

What a fun trip! I just found your blog through the Cannons! So fun! I don't know if you have my blog address but it is:
I can't believe how grown up your kids are getting!!!

Alisha and Josh said...

Oh darling! How fun it is to see all the happenings of the Hughes family! It is always wonderful to send time with family and friends :) Miss you tons dear but I know that Kevin and all those sweet kids are taking care of you. And Kevin making fun of Edward is HILARIOUS!!! That is how Josh feels about him too- if only he would read the books. Lots of love, lish

Summer said...

Such fun! When are driving out to see us in Cleveland? HAHaHa!

Congrats on the fellowship! WOW! Bryan tells me that CHOB is THEE program for Peds Cardiac! So cool!