Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Safari Day

We went with some of our good friends, the Crofts, to Natural Bridge, Virginia, where they have this great Safari Park. It was a total BLAST! It was so cool to see so many different kinds of animals and to see them up close and personal. Sometimes a little too up close!! haha! You can see in some of Kevin's pictures he didn't mind that though!haha! All of these pictures are of us at the Park. We all had buckets of "feed" to feed the animals with. Now, my kids are deathly afraid of dogs, but a buffalo .... heck, they have no worries. Nathan was feeding this one buffalo with his hands and just dropping food into its mouth, with his hand almost touching the tongue of the nasty ginormous animal! Oh well, we carried a lot of hand sanitizer thats for sure, and it came in pretty pun intended.haha! At this park you could walk around and see different animals and then you could either drive your car around the major safari part or you could ride on this wagon. We chose to ride the wagon, which was a ton of fun, but I included a picture in here that we took of a car a couple cars in front of us (while on the wagon) and a camel had stuck its head and neck in this minivan and was eating out of the van. It was hilarious! I'm sure that van needed a major slobbery clean up job when that feeding was over. haha. While we were walking around there was this kangaroo that was just resting right on the pathway we were walking on. It was soooo COOL! The kids hung out with it for a little while and it was so friendly! It was such a fun family day trip! Maybe our next family Safari will be in AFRICA wouldn't that be cool? Anyway, I love all these pictures! I count my blessings every day to have such a sweet, fun, and loving family!

We love Strawberry Pickin' in Virginia

One of our favorite things to do in Virginia is to go to the orchards and pick our own fruit! Its really fun and yummy! This time it was strawberry picking! Here are some cute pictures of the kids! I love how beautiful it is in the orchards out here too!

Grandpa's Easter Egg Hunt Brought to Denver and Easter Surprises

Easter is always such a great time of year! I am so grateful for the Resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ and for his atoning sacrifice. What a blessing it is to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and to know that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who really does love and care about me. I am so grateful for the promises that our Heavenly Father has made to us as we keep His commandments and repent and come unto him. What a blessing it is to know. I wish everyone in the world would know and choose to accept his plan. That would be awesome! I love the spirit of Easter as well as some of the fun traditions!
One of our favorite Easter traditions is that Grandpa Hughes always has a FANTASTIC Easter egg hunt! One that the kids look forward to all year long, and heck even the adults! We have missed it for several years now, that we have been living so far away. But, Grandpa and Grandma are always soooo thoughtful and send it to us through the mail each year! What sweethearts!!! One of the best things that Grandpa did while we were in Denver was bring the Easter egg hunt to the kids, since we would be missing it in Vegas again this year! Grandpa, thanks a ton, we had a blast!!!! And we were so grateful that we got to share it with you, Grandma, Aunt Bonnie, Amber, Kayla and Taylor! What a fun time to be with you guys in Denver! Throughout the pictures you can see how much everyone enjoyed it! Nathan got into it so much he had to take off his shoes during the hunt so that he could run faster to get the eggs. haha, what a smart kid! Since we came home from Denver on Easter Sunday, there are also a couple of pictures of the kids looking in their Easter baskets at home and a picture of them dying Easter eggs! What fun! The last picture is of Brooke with her very first tea set. Aunt Bonnie gave that to her for her Birthday while she was there with us in Denver! She loves it and continues to play with it! Thank you for thinking of her! We love you!