Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We love Strawberry Pickin' in Virginia

One of our favorite things to do in Virginia is to go to the orchards and pick our own fruit! Its really fun and yummy! This time it was strawberry picking! Here are some cute pictures of the kids! I love how beautiful it is in the orchards out here too!


Alisha and Josh said...

Oh, so fun! It is gorgeous there- I am just surrounded by dirt and rocks!! Your family is growing up so fast too. I love that I can keep up with your sweet family by blog. Seeing the pictures of everyone makes me feel that I am along with all of you. Kev is such a smart guy...HARVARD!! WOW- I am really impressed now..hee hee! Best of luck there in Boston- when do you move?? Lots of love my dear. Miss you tons- lish

Michelle Campbell said...

So fun! I need to be there to do that with you guys! :) I know you want cute pictures of me too! haha.