Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random pictures of the family

This is a pond on the Monticello Trail. The trees behind it are reflected into the pond. Pretty cool, ehh! It's so beautiful here.
We spent the day at the cannery in Richmond. The girls had a great time helping the members of our ward get their food storage. It was a great experience for them.

It wouldn't be our blog if there wasn't something Highschool Musical on it. We all went as a family to see Highschool Musical 3. Even though its totally corny and cheesy and anything else you want to call it. And, I know that I am going to get made fun of for this, but we all loved it! hahaha! It was great! You do however, have to be able to look past the corny-ness of it all.

Poor fourth child. I thought this was so funny. She actually kept bouncing, on and off, while she was a sleep in this. She's so cute.

What's that kids name on Fat Albert? hahaha! I think he has a mini-me.

For Ashley's 5th birthday (Oct. 10th) she wanted to have pancakes with whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries on them for breakfast.

We like to go on walks at a place called the Monticello Trail. It is this beautiful trail that leads you up to Thomas Jefferson's home. It is about a 2 mile walk up. It is so beautiful with a pond on the way up the trail. On this particular day, however, we had our very own Jedi Knights to protect us from any harm that came in our way. Nathan is so funny. He is way into Star Wars right now and takes his light saber everywhere he goes. He also makes sure to bring one for Kevin, if he is along with us. And he freaks out if he can't find it or someone takes it away from him or his dad. Kevin is such a good sport about it!

We hiked up Humpback Rock, which is a pretty steep hike for little kids, but the kids did fantastic and we all had a lot of fun. We love having a dad that gets us up and going and out to do fun things whenever he's off.

Nathan relaxing after a long overnight campout. Can you beleive his feet are still clean? haha

Nice hat. Kevin likes to be funny and embarrass the fam. He has no shame, that guy! I guess that's what makes him so fun!

Nathan can't seem to get this thing working?

I love this picture. The kids faces are hilarious. They were about ready to be done taking pictures. hahaha.

Fun photos of the gals, while outcamping.

The men on the campout!

We took the kids camping a few weeks ago. Just overnight. Some great friends of ours met us up there and had dinner with us that night and had campfire desserts, too. Ooh YUM! It was really fun. It was really cold though that night, so by 4:30 a.m. I generously offered to take Brooke to the van to get warmed up! What, she was cold! The kids had a great time.

This time of year, it is always so fun to go apple picking! We went to the apple/fall festival at Carter Mountain Orchard. We picked lots of yummy apples! They also have these yummy apple cider doughnuts. Sounds gross, but they are soooo yummy! I love Fall here.
Ashley was a Chef for Halloween. She dressed like this and carried a pot with a spoon in it to catch her candy. It was so cute!
Kevin and Brooke on Halloween day at Barracks. She was a Ladybug for halloween, but for some reason we didn't get any snapshots of her or Heidi in their costumes. Darnit! Only video. Maybe I can post some of that on here.(once I learn- hahaha). Don't these two look a lot a like.
This was Halloween day. We took Nathan and Brooke trick or treating at the Barracks Shopping Center while the other girls were in school. He was a Jedi knight. He looked so cute!
Brooke and I at Ashley's field trip. I just love this one because of Brooke's smile! It was fun to watch her be so happy, even though it was soo cold!
We went on Ashley's field trip with her to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. It was a lot of fun, but really cold. The corn maze was pretty long and a little confusing. It made it really fun. We love going on the kids field trips. This one Kevin lucked out and got to go! Yeah! Ashley loved having her daddy there.
CLOSE UP SHOT! We love her eyes!
Fall is our favorite time of year here in Virginia! The multiple colors of the leaves are just amazing! We could not have picked a prettier place to live for a little while. So sadly, the leaves do have to fall off, which makes bare trees, but a really fun ground to play in. These are the leaves in the backyard. We pulled out the snowboard and "leaf-boarded" down the hills behind our house. It was a total blast and worked great. We all had fun, except Brooke as you can tell.hahaha. She didn't know what to think of all the leaves.

Bloggin Bandwagon

Hey, Hey, Hey! We're finally doing it! We hopped on to the "Bloggin Bandwagon"! The whole reason we're doing this is because we love all of our family and friends soo much but we never keep in very good contact with you all! So this is going to be our way of doing it! We love you all dearly and are so grateful for your love and friendships to our family. Please know that even though we don't keep in touch very well, that you are all in our thoughts and prayers often! We love you and miss each one of you!!! And, hopefully we'll keep this going for a long time.

For those of you who don't know we are living in Virginia and having a great time. Kevin is in his third year of medical residency doing Anesthesia. We have about a year and a half left here and then we are off to fellowship somewhere else for a year in Pediatrics. From then, who knows where. . .but at least we'll finally have a real job 14 years later. hahaha! As for the Jessica and the kids, we are just along for the ride and loving every minute - but are anxiously awaiting a fenced in backyard! We love the gospel and our grateful for our Savior. What a blessing to have the gospel in our lives! We are grateful for it and thankful for all of your examples! We love you and miss you once again! And look forward to bloggin with ya!
Here is our miracle boy, Nathan. He is totally 2 - a ball of energy, but a total blast to have around! These may very well be the best lookin' guys in Viriginia, heck, lets make it the entire U.S.
This is our sweet Brooke. She is such a doll baby and loads of fun! Doesn't she have the cutest smile!

We love their smiles!
They love posing for pictures together. We have the best daughters in the whole world and they're total cuties as well!
This is Ashley. She's our big 5 year old. Isn't she adorable!! This was taken at the same park as Heidi's. Just a week ago.
This is Heidi, our sweet 7 year old. What a knockout! This was taken at a park near our house just a week ago.